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Why These Chair designs work

Comfort.  The most frequent comment about my chairs from designers and customers is about the length of time people can sit and stay comfortable. The cradling of the back helps distribute support throughout the torso of the body. The upholstered seats are webbed over a hollow wood frame, which helps in ventilation.

Aesthetics.  Viewed horizontally, geometric shapes are formed in the negative spaces between the legs above the seat and below the seat. These geometric shapes, quadrilateral polygons (two parallel and two non parallel lines) change shapes as you move around the chair. These negative spaces include the shapes between the spokes, splats and top of the rear legs as well. While some shapes get smaller, others get larger but still keep the four sided shape. The lines of the legs are gentle arcs. The physical shapes of the legs, below and above the seat are, in fact, quadrilateral polygons.

Viewed vertically, from the top, the shapes of the chair are elliptical.  The four rails that hold the seat form a half ellipse or half oval, the surface area of the seat.  The next higher level plane is formed by the arm rests, which is a more open ellipse. The last level up, the crest rail, opens to a true arc of a circle. One gallery shows these chairs as sculptures.

The contrast of the linear lines in the horizontal view and the ellipse of the vertical view work together much like white and black keys of a piano. These chairs have very good harmony.


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