Table Scraps

Chester Cat Scratcher/ End Table

chester scratcher

I made this end table for my sister Annie’s cat Chester.  She wanted a useable end table that would also double as a cat scratcher.  Add a little cat nip to the sisal and your cat’s in heaven. Chester loves it and Annie uses it for dinner plates most nights.  Made from various woods with sisal wrap. 16″x 14″x 18″ to 18″x14″x20″ (about, or what ever is close)

Spoons and Ladles


These spoons and ladles are carved from the various wood waste of my tables.  They vary in size consequently and I try to alter the design, both in handle and spoon, for my own enjoyment in carving them.  ( Note, the 2 cherry spoons and 1 walnut ladle on the right are my person  spoons that are 5 years old. They have darkened with age beautifully.)